We headed as far north as you can go for the second round of the British Drift Championship as we visited one of the highlights of the calendar… Driftland!

A track which I have always ran well at and also the atmosphere at the venue is always off the scale!

This weekend was special for more than one reason though; 2 members of my pit crew had qualified from Battle Royal and the Foundation Class to compete in PRO2 with a chance to earn their BDC Licenses! Sam was out in his S13 and Josh was piloting his Lexus!

After the 5 hour drive, we were set up and ready! 80s Music a plenty courtesy of Monster Energy Driver Luke Woodham!

Practice went well for me in the Rymax Lubricants LSZ4 and we were working on different set ups to get the car to grip up with the new ecu map! By the end of practice we were dialed in and ready to Qualify!

Run 1 – 89.83 Run 2 – 91.17

Leaving me qualifying 8th Overall!

Top 32 v William Hanna

William Hanna was in a borrowed E36 from Kev Kay due to a technical issue with his own car, and he was getting to grips with how the car handled! The battles were scrappy and went to a OMT even though Hanna collided with myself on his Chase Run, but ultimately we went through to the Top 16.

Top 16 v Luke Woodham

4x Gymkhana Grid World Champion Luke Woodham lead on our first run out, and off the line I was a bit to eager and overshot the start, which meant I had to back out and get back on the power, which dropped me back and I could never regain the gap in the run, so advantage Luke!

Luke continued his fine form and stuck his LS powered S14 to my rear bumper through clips 1 and 2, and then made a big dive on transition which kept the advantage his way! I would like to say a huge apology to Matt Stevenson from Slide Motorsport for losing your £1 bet!

That ended our weekend at Driftland and we had an awesome time and I cant wait to see you all at Round 3!

Image Credit: Beasy Media