The stage was set for Round 1 of the British Drift Championship at Teesside on the 28th – 30th May, the return of the British Championship under new ownership, and it did not disappoint!

This was the first full outing for the new team with all 3 cars, unfortunately Josh’s car wasn’t ready for the event, but he stepped into my practice car… the trusty Z3, but despite driving the wheels off of her, he struggled in an under powered car in Pro 2.

Ian ‘Bizz’ Phillips debuted his new lightweight 350 in the Rymax Livery, and it looked stunning! Great work in the off season dude!

Practice went really well for me in the LSZ4, and I felt I had the line dialled in! The car was working flawlessly even after a little love tap with the wall in my practice runs with my ex-Slide Motorsport Teammate Stu Jones.

My two qualifying runs were consistent and placed me in the top half of the battle tree with a 88.67 in Run 1 and 89.50 in Run 2!

The car was feeling really good and ready for the Top 32 against Steven McConnell.

On my lead run, managed to pull a gap around the last sweeping corner, and was solidly on the qualifying run throughout the run, but Steven, who we have to remember only qualified for Pro from placing 2nd in Pro 2 the day before, kept with me throughout the technical part of the course and advantage was Steven’s going into my chase run!

Sadly on my chase run I miss-shifted off the line 1st-2nd-1st, which put a substantial gap between me and Steven, I managed to claw back the gap before the end of the run, but ultimately Steven was the better driver on the day!

It was a great weekend, and to see a Pro 2 Driver go all the way to the final after battling me, was awesome for the sport!

Thanks to all my sponsors, crew and friends and family for all the support! Don’t forget to check out the Vlog from the event below!